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Peonies Massages release tension and stimulate nerve endings.  Massage Therapy is great for enhancing blood and lymph circulation as well. They will also provide an

 overall relaxing experience for the entire body. Another huge benefit is the result of elevating oxygen in the blood, reducing muscle toxins, and increasing flexibility.

Neuromuscular therapy (Trigger Point myotherapy) is a massage modalty that revolves around the body’s soft tissues. It is an example of medical massage therapy. This massage modalty seeks to resolve chronic pain centered around the muscular and nervous systems. The massage targets trigger points that tend to cause the most pain. This kind of massage therapy is successful because pressure is applied wherever the muscle spasm is occurring. Generally, the elbow, fingers, or knuckles are used to apply pressure.  It is commonly referred to as deep tissue massage.

Active or Passive Stretching massages focus on the arms, head, and legs. This massage will be based on the specific individual’s needs. The massage therapist begins the treatment by assessing abdominal breathing, and then slowly starts the process of assessing the client and relaxing them. Throughout the massage, the therapist uses stretching and tractioning techniques on the client.

Therapeutic massages are deep tissue massages that are used to minimize pain and relieve stress/tension. This kind of massage targets specific points that may be causing pain. Therapeutic massages also aid in tissue healing and relieving anxiety. Another benefit of this massage is its ability to balance the body, mind, and spirit.

Prenatal massages are used to eliminate or dramatically reduce the pains of pregnancy. This massage improves the muscle and joint functions while also enhancing circulation and body tone. Fatigue is also something that can be minimized as a result of this massage. Accommodations will be made based on your pregnancy state regarding how you will be positioned during the massage. It is recommended that you get your physicians approval before receiving this massage.

Peonies Massage is a massage that is comprised of some or all of the above modalities. It also includes warm stones on the neck, back, and feet if desired. 

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