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DMK's Answer to Laser Resurfacing

The perfect solution for under-eye wrinkles. LIQUID LASER is a superior resurfacing treatment with supreme skin rebuilding and strengthening capability, it can be used on target areas such as the neck, face, décolleté, forearms or the back of the hands.


The Ultimate Solution For a Wrinkle-Free Skin

Ordinary laser treatments performed by a doctor can often be too invasive for certain areas, especially around the eyes. Due to this, we developed the Liquid Laser Treatment as a gentle alternative. It is specifically designed to deal with the soft, sensitive areas such as the eyes, face, neck, and the back of the hands.

In tests, far superior results were obtained with LIQUID LASER than with an ordinary laser treatment. In fact, LIQUID LASER achieved outstanding results in regards to the appearance of under-eye wrinkles in comparison to facial tightening with laser surgery.   

Why is this?

Unlike ordinary laser treatments, the REVITOSIN LIQUID LASER treatment actually rebuilds the skin due to its powerful formulation consisting of a high concentration of cell-enhancing Vitamin A and Beta Carotene.
LIQUID LASER is an excellent resurfacing solution for anyone wanting to enhance their looks the gentle, natural way without any invasive methods or surgery. Contact us today and discover the DMK difference!

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