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No matter how many skin treatments one has, injections or surgery if the internal system of the body is compromised with nutritional deficits (lack of exercise and excess alcoholic beverages, drug abuse, and so forth) the cells of the body will not respond with normal rhythm of proliferation. Likewise, inflammation appears, followed by chronic pain, all of which show up on the skin of the face and the body. In order to have homeostasis in both, everything must be addressed, from appearance to body energy. A sense of well-being leads to a smoother, stress-free face. When the entire package is addressed, a person in their 70s can appear and act like someone in their 50s. To maintain this living illusion, it takes several steps and a daily routine – in other words, consistency. 


While everyone is not built to be stick thin, everyone can maintain the figure they had when they felt and looked their best, whether it was in high school, college, or after weight loss success. A common method for motivation is keeping a positive photograph as a visual to stay on track with body goals. Sugar is not anyone’s friend. Sugar contributes more to fat than fat from oils, bacon, and other sugars. Natural sweeteners can be a positive alternative. Sugar also feeds the bad bacteria that can collect in the intestinal tract and stomach leading to inflammation and insulin problems, which can exacerbate acne, eczema, and another inflammatory dermatitis. Instead, a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients and low in carbohydrates is important. 


Movement keeps the hormonal cascade going, causing energy levels to increase. This includes breathing techniques, such as fire breathing, bellows breathing, and nose – 100 times each. For anyone 70 years plus, just keep moving, no matter how you feel.


Skin is like organic plastic with many reparative systems, making even the deepest scars workable if the client gives the professional the time and is compliant at home.

The phrase skin revision simply means to revise problematic skin, including aging, back to the way nature intended it to be through the cellular and genomic processes. Cells are not programmed to die for about 150 years. They are programmed to stay alive if possible, given the right environment and nutrients they recognize as viable skin food. It is easy to see this phenomenon by viewing the hyperpigmented, wrinkled, and sagging face of an 85-year-old woman, including the backs of her hands, which can look like a pair of old gloves. Every one of these indignities is nothing more than defense mechanisms of the skin against solar and environmental attacks. 

Cuticle buildup, which results in webs of fine lines and transepidermal water loss is skin trying to armor itself against the many daily assaults, including cosmetics that are not chemically attuned to the person’s needs or skin hormonal systems. However, if the skin around the areola of her breasts were to be studied, one would find smoother, brighter, firmer, younger skin always protected by the simple act of getting dressed every day. It is the parts of the skin that are always hanging out in the sun that are trying to defend themselves. 

This area is the client’s true age and when confronted by this fact the client is overjoyed that it would be possible for the face to match – the body is already willing to do this. But, first, the professional must remove the damage using various modalities that do this, such as products that address the pH scale, like professional treatments that use either acid or alkaline tools to desquamate or break up the dead cuticle buildup. There are many methods of removal, but none should be so invasive as to arouse even more defense mechanisms, such as hyperpigmentation. 

After the field is clear and homeostasis is restored to the intercellular fluids, the living cells must be offered what they recognize and need to stay alive a little bit longer. Essential nutrients (oils, amino acids, and other nutrients) that must come from outside sources are vital food for cells, and a whole army of powerful antioxidants to protect the entire process is a priority in a time when climate change is all too real and the ozone layer is depleting yearly, letting even more carcinogenic rays from the sun through. As skincare professionals practice what they preach, they will set an example to clients and will find a deep self-worth knowledge that age does not matter, but looking good does.

Article sourced from DMK website